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Focus, Ready, Aim > Hired
I signed up for the Job seeking course thinking to just get my CV out there. I got a lot more than expected! The course helped me become FOCUSED. It helped me FOCUS on who I am and what I enjoyed. It helped me FOCUS on the job I wanted. It helped me FOCUS on what I wanted in life and in work. It then taught me to SELECT and AIM and get HIRED. It's not just any course. Thank You Coach Kim! K Yun
Instant Results
Powerful! I updated my LinkedIn and the next day I received a call regarding a role, that had never happened before. A few days later I interviewed and again followed the advice Coach Kim provided. Amazing Interview! Thank you, Coach Kim” J Pitakkaittikool 
A Must For Struggling Job Seekers 
What difference this course made to me! Before assisting in updating LinkedIn, Resume and CV to land a job, this course first focuses on helping an individual discover themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, mindset and what they actually want from their professional career. Coach Kim have put a lot of effort in designing this course for struggling job seekers and for those who want to grow further in their career. If you want results do this course. H Raza
Excellent Interactive Course. S Phillip

What Clients Are Saying

Meet Mark

If you are thinking about working with Coach Kim, go for it! Since working together, Kim has helped me identify my personal values, passions and get clear on my purpose. He has been instrumental in providing me with the ongoing guidance, motivation and tools that I need to realise my dream. I highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants to achieve happiness in their career - you will be supported all the way.

It does not happen very often that you meet someone who has an immediate and positive impact on your career – Coach Kim did that for me though! He has worked with me to create clarity on my personal values, strengths and weaknesses and my value proposition to future organisations I may work with. His advice on profile effectiveness and help crafting compelling resumes has been invaluable. I am clearer now on what I offer to organisations, what I am seeking to do in the future – and who I want to do it with. If you need some career planning or advice – contact Kim, I highly recommend him!

I approached CK to assist me with transitioning into a new career. Kim has done an exceptional job of giving me the confidence to reach for what it is I really want to do and I cannot thank him enough. I highly recommend him to anyone wishing to make the next step in obtaining their dream job.

Highly recommended If you want to boost career. He was spot on identifying my weakness and strength and provided valuable advice to follow career path.

I approached coach Kim after finding his Linkedin profile and website online with many positive recommendations. We had 4 sessions so far and he has helped me identify why I have not been happy in my recent jobs, what are my strengths, weaknesses and how should I approach my next role to be able to grow personally and professionally. I highly recommend Coach Kim for people seeking a new role or those transitioning into the right fit/ right role.

Coach Kim is amazing! Kim found me on LinkedIn and offered to coach me, at the time I was looking for my next challenge. As I had been made redundant from my previous position and fell ill, my self-confidence was at an all-time low. Kim quickly helped me find my core values, which are incredibly powerful in ensuring you are in the right line of work that plays to your overall strengths. I have quickly found a part-time role and will soon launch my side hustle. I know anything is possible and as long as I keep Agatha in check I will flourish! Thanks Kim!

Coach Kim is an amazing human - in a few sessions, he’s helped and gently guided me to understand myself better than I have in 30 years! His lessons are easily applied to my career and my life. Very grateful to have connected with you - thank you Kim!

I recommend Kim to anyone looking to take the next step in their career. Kim's positive energy and motivational style really lifted my job search and interview skills to the next level. Not only did he help me refocus on what was important to me, the techniques he taught me helped me get the job I was after and think about the next steps I need to take on my career journey.

I approached Kim for an interview preparation session to help me in embarking on a new chapter in a different country. His advice was invaluable - he taught me some fantastic tools to organise and structure my thinking. His years of experience hiring people really shows, as he provides invaluable insight into what a hiring manager is really thinking. I feel extremely prepared and confident for my upcoming interviews! I'd highly recommend Kim to anyone needing advice or assistance.

Summing Kim up in one word: Surprising. Working with me over the last few months, Kim has surprised me numerous times, teaching me about myself in ways I could have never expected. Kim has given me confidence, and helped me understand who I am, what direction I truly want my career to progress to, the types of organisations that are most aligned to my personal values, and the tools to get me there. Kim has helped with my resume and cover letter, business presentation style, interview technique, networking skills and more in a very short period of time, and I would not hesitate in recommending Kim in helping you with your career.